Welcome to NZ Sails 

Here at NZ Sails we Design and Manufacture Yacht sails right here in New Zealand. We have been operating since 2016 on Auckland's North Shore 

We cater to all Yachts from small Trailor sailors to large ocean cruising Yachts.

Cruising Sails

Whether You are cruising the inner harbour or circumnavigating the globe we will ensure we supply you with the right product and service to last the distance.  

Race Sails

Club racing on a budget to high performance ocean racing we have the expertise to deliver. We can combine performance and budget where it matters.  

Service & Repair

Our service team are experienced sailmakers and can identify problems with sails before they become a problem out at sea.   

Cross Cut Dacron
Probably the most popular choice in sail fabric in the world. Ideal for cruising/racing on a budget due to its cross cut Contruction. 
Dyneema Hybrid
Dyneema Hybrid is carefully designed with performance cruising yachts and long-distance cruising in mind.  
Cruise laminate
Cruise Laminate
Cruise laminates are engineered for durability and cruising performance. Ideal racer cruiser sails.
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